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Dangerous Paradise
 a film by Perla de Leon

Community Organizations Take Charge When Government Policies Fail

Dozens of community groups evolved over the years to help address the many needs of the 9,000 families living in Vieques. Organizations that directly challenged U.S. government and Navy policies and their on-going neglect of Vieques residents and their environment. These hundreds of and organizations that continue to contribute to the welfare of Vieques, deserve our acknowledgement and thanks. Fotografica Productions is proud to collaborate with two non-profit organizations by providing a venue for donations through our film's web page. 


La Cooperativa Cine Teatro Vieques (Vieques Film and Theater Cooperative)

This organization screens movies in the main plaza at Isabel Segunda, a welcome refuge to a community that has been without a movie house, since the 1970's. Warner Brothers has granted the cooperative permission to screen their films at their current open air screenings.  While raising funds for an actual theater, we wish to develop similar collaborations with other studios and independent filmmakers.
People wishing to contribute their Warner Brothers DVD's can mail them to:
La Cooperativa Cine Teatro Vieques, P.O. Box P854, Vieques P.R. 00765
 Alianza de Mujeres Viequenses 
(Vieques Womens Alliance) 

Coordinates medical visits to Vieques, such as specialists and much needed 
medical vans that provide mammograms and other needed medical services.
                                        Radio  Vieques
In 2013, a community radio station, goes on the air in Vieques.

In 2010, the U.S. declared the highly contaminated lands used by the Navy for bombing practices a 'Natural Habitat'.                                            

Vieques: 10 years after U.S. bombing ends, struggle for justice in Puerto Rico continues

When sued for damages by Vieques residents, the U.S. declared 'Sovereign Immunity', 

a feudal policy which immunes the U.S. from all responsibility or lawsuit.       

Vieques Legal Defense