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Dangerous Paradise
 a  film by Perla de Leon

Vieques residents lived in the middle

of a Naval Training Facility

and bombing range for 56 years.

Over the past half century, a trillion bombs were estimated to have fallen on land and into the ocean surrounding the tiny Caribbean island of Vieques. Residents suffer toxic poisoning from the dozens of chemical and biological toxins absorbed by their bodies, the land and their waters.

Chemical run offs into the bioluminescent bay from leaking bombs and inadequate clean up (the Navy currently practices open-air detonation of munitions) are of great concern to scientists and medical experts working on the island.

Bioluminescent water Mosquito Bay, Vieques

Bishop Antulio Parilla

Isabelita, 105 year old protester, arrested at camp site

Camp site Protesters

David Sanes Rodriguez, 

killed by 2-500 lb bombs - 1999

Fishermen fight Navy boats that block them from fishing

Fishermen challenge Navy boats

1979 Arrests by MP's

'Que se Vayan'-Tito Kayak

1979 Angel Rodriguez Cristobal arrest. He was beaten to death in Florida jail

Ismael Guadalupe, teacher

Residents observe bombing practice

Prof. James Porter - Vieques bomb analysis

Fisherman finds unexploded Bomb in Vieques ocean, 2013

Bomb piles for open-air detonation

Beach Signs

Bombs found throughout bombing range

Lolita Lebron spent 25 years in prison

for actions against the U.S.

Upon her release she joined protests against the Navy presence in Vieques

Fishermen fight Navy blockade  ©Ramon-Korff

Demonstration near bombing range

In 1961, the U.S. proposed 'Plan Dracula', whereby all residents of Culebra and Vieques,

including their dead, would be removed from their native island and shipped to Puerto Rico or the U.S.

(Vieques, Culebra y Plan Dracula - En Español)