Videos on Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status

Congressman Jose Serrano speaks on The Puerto Rico Democracy Act -

Status HR-900 - 2007    (6:52 minutes)

Committee on Natural Resources - Congressional Hearing  on  HR2499

Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 ( 3:00 hours)

Videos on  Los Macheteros

Filiberto: The Clandestine Interview

Macheteros, Univision, April 22, 2004 (13:59 minutes)

ABC/Eye Witness News/TIEMPO

Puerto Rico Referendum - May 9, 2010

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos Assassinated by the FBI  2005 - (4 min)

Nationalist Movement

Carmen Jovet Video Clandestino Pitirre II,  Los Macheteros  (Footage: National Guard Airplanes)                                                    

The Day Filiberto Ojeda Rios was Killed, all of Puerto Rico Stood Still, by Jessica Pupovac, AlterNet

New York Undercover: Los Macheteros Pt 2, 1994 TV Series Episode -(10:67 minutes)

Filiberto Ojeda Rios Revolucionario de Puerto Rico Asesinado por la  FBI - 2005

Escape to Paradise     a political thriller by Perla de Leon
United Nations & Colonialism

Truman Assassination Attempt - Dolores Lebron  (The true story of Lolita) 1954

(Spanish & English)

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UN Special Committee on Decolonization History

When the United Nations was established in 1945, 750 million people, almost a third of the world's population,

lived in Territories that were non-self-governing, dependent on colonial Powers.

Though most territories have been decolonized, Puerto Rico's status is still in contention.

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Films on Puerto Rico

"La Operacion" by Ana Maria Garcia

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Facts on Puerto Rico statehood needed before, not after vote H.R.2499!

Mi Puerto Rico - (Historical Overview) Raquel Ortiz - 1995

Grand Jury

Grand Jury Abuse - Bob Boyle, National Lawyers Guild, 2009


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