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                                                     PBS AUDIENCE JANUARY, 2008

Eugene Garcia Says:                              

Watched again better the 2nd time.

Luis Hernandez Says:             


Mary Jo Wilson Says:                              

La Casita shows the response of a family and community to a loss of one of their own; although poor the community’s generosity and commitment to one another is an embarrassment of riches. Leaves the audience wanting.

Lee Ann Chebba Says:                   

I thought this film was excellent. Something the whole family can watch.

J. E. Lane Says:                                   

La Casita was a true to life story of a community that pulls together when one of their own is in need. Good family type film.

Norma Cuadrado Says:                          

It’s sad, but when communities come together all is possible, it’s like that saying “that it takes a village to raise a child”, thats coming together too. I would love to see this film in it’s entirety.

Gloria Quinones Says:                     

How do you like like that!!! a film that so concisely and poignantly features the beauty and compassion of the diverse people who inhabit this incredible City New York. Congratulations and thank you.

Zoey Says:                                            

Loved this film! Very informative. I had no idea those little houses actually had a name and a concept behind them.

Nadine Kellogg Says:                            

Great message and moving despite that fact that its a short. I loved the Karina character. Beautiful music. Thank you for honoring the meaning of a “casita.”

Jason Aylesworth Says:            

La Casita is a very beautiful short film. The performances were genuine and the setting was intimate. The dialogue matched the characters, and the climatic (and well-choreographed) steadycam shot illustrated brought out the big family involved with “The Little House.” Very sweet and passionate story - thank you, Perla de Leon et al

Allison Astor Says:                                        

As gentrification takes hold in much of the city, “La Casita” is a slice of NYC life Bronx style, old school and truly reflects the people who do live in the area-a community hanging on to its ideals and sticking together. Nicely done and deserving of a place on the airwaves!

C. Haase Says:                        

As a native New Yorker I love this film! It speaks to everyone and should be on the air.