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Dangerous Paradise

FILM SHORTS                       


"South Bronx Spirit" photo series

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston                  Nov  19,  2017  -  February  4  2018                   Los Angeles County Museum of Art         June 11,  2017  -  October 15  2017

Smithsonian Museum of Art, Wash DC     May  12,  2017  -  August    6  2017

El Museo del Barrio, NYC                           March      2014  -  September  2014       

Perla de Leon, Photography



   The Afro-Descendant Project - Puerto Rico
portraits by Perla de Leon
  Reclaiming Identity and Honoring Our Ancestors
Perla's Community Portrait
(watch trailer)


in development                         

Surgeons operate with cell phones Oct 2017

Mayor of San Juan checking on residents Sept, 2017

Toa Baja, a dear friend's community Sept 2017

Elderly in mountain communities, Oct 2017


Loiza, Puerto Rico - December, 2017 Photos by Sylvia Calzada

March, 2018                                

Six months after the storm, deaf children are finally less terrified of the night thanks to your generous donation of  Solar Lights

Every time we reach 250 lights, Luminaid ships to San Juan for distribution by friends and colleagues. Please forward link widely.

Sincerely, Perla

Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Photo by Carmen Velasco

©1980 Perla de Leon

Comerio, Puerto Rico, Photos by Ayala

Photos and  Blog by Perla de Leon   (click to view)

S.O.S. from Elderly - March, 2018

POP-OP EXHIBITION: "The Afro-Descendant Project - Puerto Rico"   (20) 1.7' x 3' Banners

©1980 Perla de Leon

Listen to Radio Interview

Photo-Video Series and Talk:

Peace and Justice Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama

"The Changing South: Memorials, Museums and Plantations"

"The War on Vieques"

A community under fire during the 1970s


Artistic Prints



 Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

RADIO BROADCAST: Constructive Forces with Kate Yoland _ April, 2018

THE INTERCEPT: The Battle for Paradise

Naomi Klein, March, 2018

©2017 Perla de Leon All Rights Reserved

Down These Mean Streets: Community and Place in Urban Photography organized by Carmen Ramos, Chief Curator

Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington DC

September 13, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Gracie Mansion - NYC Mayor's Home built 1799

I am one of 44 female artists whose work is exhibited in this unique historical house

NYTimes Review 2019/01/20/arts/design/art-by-women-at-gracie-mansion.html

Perla de Leon is a NYC born photographer who received an MFA in photography from Brooklyn College and attended Columbia University's Graduate Program in Film Directing. Perla taught photography and video production to students in JHS, High School and Community College. She produced training videos for the Board of Education and freelanced as stills photographer and in various positions in television and film production.

Perla's photographs are in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC and El Museo del Barrio in NYC. Her work has been exhibited in museums in Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Houston, Los Angeles and New York City and has been published in Germany and Brazil.  She produced a series of video shorts that highlight US policies that terrorized communities of color throughout the South, North and US colonies.

Perla will soon publish her first photography book, "Decades Under Fire: the Invisible Puerto Rican-American"

"South Bronx Spirit: 1970s New York

Decade of Fire at METROGRAPH Theater May 3-9 2019                   (My photos are in the film, click for tickets)                                         


Go to: Gracie Mansion Tours for tickets throughout 2019